Dear Friends,

This is a very exciting time for both Compass-Navi and myself personally. So many exciting things have happened; I feel that finally the pieces are falling into place. The last few months were very challenging in every respect, but the hard work is now starting to pay off. During the development of the product, I tried to stick to my deepest values; being completely transparent and honest. I took on a personal challenge; to bring to market a product of exceptional performance at a competitive price. Like you, I'm tired of paying exaggerated prices to buy what I really need and want. I'm a newborn in the business, however I think I can bring some fresh air where you and I can be in a win-win situation.

From the beginning, I decided to approach the market in a different way. My main goal would be to beat the portable navigation systems at their own game and integrate a class-leading comprehensive GPS solution into a full-featured media device. I encourage my customers to consider and compare both options (my integrated solution versus "off-the-shelf" standalone GPS devices) and make an informed decision according to their needs.

The most difficult task was to build the business according to the above ideals and at the same time respecting the profit margins of my suppliers. Compass NAV, as a company, was founded to minimize the overhead and therefore minimize the impact on final price. I'm in a position today where I can certainly say: Mission accomplished. I was able to create a horizontal business structure to eliminate inefficiencies. The foundation for this whole structure is based on the network of people found on www.hyundai-forums.com. From our website designer, to the author of the product literature, to the "guinea pig" who offered up his equipment for beta testing, everyone involved has been indispensable in bringing our products to market.

The most important thing to mention is all of the members of Hyundai-Forums who have been following my thread since the beginning, THANK YOU!! If this thread is growing more than ever, it's all because of you….nothing less.

Today, I can certainly declare that we have in our hands a true masterpiece of mobile entertainment. The CN-M5 raised the bar in this category in Korea and I'm pleased to integrate their technology to our flavor. And we won't stop there; we have the room to grow bringing even more exciting features.
Now I'm pleased to present the final offering of the CN-M5 integrated multimedia navigation system for your Sonata, look for the "EXCLUSIVES" to Compass- NAV's product. No other vendor offers these features!!

Technology:The reason why our product integrates so well with your existing factory features is because the foundation IS from the factory. Let me explain. Most of today's offerings replace the entire radio and dash components to make it look like it came from the factory. The reality is those manufacturers are using a generic box and they adapt it the best they can to your car. The problem is they can't integrate it perfectly because it would cost them too much money to adapt their devices to work seamlessly with every model on the market. As a result, these aftermarket devices do not allow you to retain your XM Radio, Bluetooth, steering wheel controls, etc...

Our approach is different; we use your current factory radio. Yes! The metal box with the tuners and amplifiers of your existing car remain; our solution is to simply remove the face of your factory radio only. The factory flat ribbon cable and the Bluetooth antenna remains connected to the "guts" of your factory radio. That ribbon cable is interfaced with a controller module that converts the messages sent and received by the old face and is now sent to our Tablet PC. In reality, you keep the master component that retains your factory features, but they are now interfaced with a beautiful touchscreen display.

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