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The Best Hyundai GPS Navigation System on the Market

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There are a number of in-dash options for a GPS navigation system out right now. A lot of brands to choose from, and many have some fantastic features. What the majority do not tell you is that the install process might cost you a bunch of features you have paid for that are built into your car.


What if you could upgrade your current radio system to a touchscreen controlled PC format with superior handling that was a complete media center? What if you could do it and retain all the factory function of XM, USB, iPod control, full steering function, and your automatic phone voice dial attachment?


The automotive grade CPU provides 2.12 GHz, which is the newest in industry standards. With 512 Megs of RAM and NWD Flash permanent storage, this beauty packs a lot of power to get you what you need when you need it. The Hyundai Santa Fe, Elantra and Sonata navigation system has a boot time of less than seven seconds to the home screen, and at seventeen seconds for full display directions to load. . In fact, this GPS navigation system is built on a blazing fast tablet interface with a touchscreen. That means you get a 2.12 Ghz CPU, and a full 512Mg of RAM. No wonder it offers you so much more than other in-dash systems. Anything that you would want to accomplish with your navigation system can be completed with just a touch of a button or two. Additionally, there is little to no lag time when multi-tasking. Depending on the model of the car, the new screen can be 7 to 8 inches in size, with a 800 X 480 pixel resolution and 32 bit color depth. The high contrast screen makes it easy to see where things are and controls are right on touch.


offers full featured navigational abilities powered by IGO Primo Premium 3D navigation software.. Included in the navigation system is an 8GB SD Card that is pre-loaded with IGO Primo with US and Canadian maps., full functioning navigation program with up to date North American maps. IGO Primo Premium 3D navigation software. Friends and relatives will have difficulty accepting that the IGO Primo Premium 3D navigation software is an upgrade. It works so well and looks so good! The SDCARD 8 Gig is preloaded with USA and Canada NAVTEQ maps. How is this better for drivers correctly hesitant to stop and ask for directions? The GPS voice can tell you to make a left-hand turn in .2 miles. There is no need to leave the safety of your vehicle. Just observe recent traffic signs the Tucson Navigation system may be unaware of and discover how convenient it is to have a talking road directory while you drive. Map details are easier to see and understand, thanks to better graphics. The color display features details in 3D for lanes guidance, buildings and terrain.

- Navigation software is merged with the whole user interface
- Search by POI, Address, city, zip code and point on map
- 14 million points of interest
- 3D Landscape
- 3D Buildings
- 3D Junction view and lane guidance
- On map clickable POIs
- Tunnel routing
- Lane Guidance and Real Signposts
- Proximity and driver alerts
- Useful convenient application like visiting country clothing codes, habits and rules, calculator.


Additionally to retaining all those built in things you'll get a ton of features, like video playback via a USB flash sticks. The system features 4 home screen setups with customizable wallpapers. The user interface features music album art that is extracted from a portable hard drive, SD card, or USB key. In addition to the music, the system also has a video playback from these sources. Other capabilities include a memo pad for taking notes for shopping lists and such, photo display so that you can always see your loved ones, and an external video display for DVD playback or gaming console. The kids will enjoy hi-def video on short or long trips. After storing media files from your portable device, including music and videos, you will be pleasantly surprised about the quickness with which they can be accessed and viewed from an optional rear seat monitor.

- Backup camera
- Parking Assistant
- Traffic avoidance
- Remote control (rear seat entertainment)


Those who have purchased the Hyundai navigation systeme, Elantra, Santa Fe or are surely going to want to maximize their driving experience by capitalizing on convenience features offered by the vehicle. It only makes sense to take an already good thing and bring it to the next level. Incorporation of the Compass-NAV navigation system is just the ticket to provide the best experience from driving. Would that not be a better system for you and your family? This is what makes this system simply the best.

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